Décor Wars

25 Aug 2019
10:01 am - 6:00 pm

Décor Wars

On Saturday and Sunday Interior Designers from select home furnishing companies will be faced with the challenge of strategically and artfully decorating bookcases with themes such as Beachy/Coastal, Mid-Century Modern, Farmhouse, Nautical, Industrial/Modern and more. Designers will be on hand to explain their rationale for how decorative items were placed and pass on design tips to attendees who will then vote on their favorite bookcases. But there’s a Twist! Before decorating begins, designers will be informed that “The client forgot to tell you that they have a few personal items that have great sentimental value that they’d like you to integrate into the design.” These personal items will be indicated in signage at the display to alert attendees that those items originate as part of “The Twist.”

Bookcases for Décor Wars are provided by “Nadeau-Furniture with a Soul.”

Participants in Décor Wars: